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At What Age Does a Man Stop Ejaculating - JUS TO THE THIRD AGE

New studies confirm it: when approaching the age of 50, the sexual life of men is not and will not be what it was before.

It's definitely a cursed word: menopause. All women have feared that curse and they will all have to live it sooner or later.

Until now, men have looked at this feminine trance with a mixture of indifference and compassion and as a phenomenon exclusive to the opposite sex. However, recently a new theory has emerged according to which their time has come too. Or to put it more crudely: her "menopause."

A revisionist tendency on the subject is currently forming a school in the United States, a country where several bestsellers have appeared in the last year with such suggestive titles as: "The last or gasmo", "The passage of time" (As tilne goes by) and "The crisis of manhood".

The scientific terms to denominate it still do not coincide. Urologists call it andropause. Sexologists define it as viropause - short for "pause of virility" - and traditional doctors refer to it as climacteric. But while the terms may not be the same, the message is: As you approach age 50, men's sex lives are not and will never be what they once were.

What To Do Now?

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