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Causes of Quick Release of Sperm

Currently it is considered that 90% of cases of premature ejaculation are due to psychological or environmental factors, so that only 10% have their origin in anatomical or physiological problems.

Depression, stress, insecurity, anxiety... are some of the psychological factors that predispose to premature ejaculation.

It is believed that because these psychological conditions lead to a reduction in the concentration of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in the control of emotions.

Anxiety before intercourse, very common among adolescents due to inexperience or fear of facing a sexual relationship, can circumstantially cause premature ejaculation. Also repression and sexual inhibition.

But there are also diseases that can cause premature ejaculation, such as prostate or urethral infections. Another physiological cause is hypersensitivity of the glans.

The way to fight this is making sure you are masturbating more often so when the sex comes you are more used to it.

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