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How To Block Sperm From Coming Out - Just the SOLUTION

The finger block of ejaculation is a very old technique that is performed once we have passed the point of no return, to prevent ejaculation.

We know that a priori this may seem a bit confusing due to the terms, therefore, before getting into the matter, we will explain how ejaculation works.

how ejaculation works

As we have mentioned, before discussing the finger lock at the PC point, we need to know a bit more about how ejaculation works.

We all already know that sperm are born in the testicles. Well, as we get excited and get closer to orgasm, the sperm travel to the prostate through the vas deferens. From there, they reach the urethra through the prostate, where they mix with seminal fluid, forming what we know as semen.

Once the content is in the urethra and the person feels that sensation that they are going to reach orgasm, it is what we call the point of no return.

The technique

Now that we know, not only the physical sensation, but also what is happening inside us, we can move on to talking about semen fingerprint blockage.

This technique is used when we are aware that we are going to see, but we do not want to do it, no matter the reason that moves us to do so. For the digital semen block we will simply use three fingers.

The concept is very simple: locate your pc point, which is the place where our pubococcygeus muscle is located, just in front of the anus. We will have to exert force, because what we will really be pressing is the union where the urethra and the ejaculatory duct meet.

You must continue to apply this force until the orgasm ends, well… Yes! Effectively. You will reach orgasm, even if you are not going to ejaculate. That yes… IMPORTANT!! After using this technique, we will lose the erection.

And the risk?

Easy to realize if you have done it right or not, because the proof will be evident: if you have ejaculated, you still have to experiment to find the right point.

If you have not ejaculated, it is important that you examine your urine the next time you go to the bathroom, because there is something that we must analyze. This is where we find the "but", the reason that makes it not a very common practice.

Well, in effect: we will have to analyze the urine. If we see that it is clear and we do not see anything out of the ordinary, everything will be fine and you will have performed the exercise perfectly. However, if you see that the urine is too cloudy, we could be facing a case of retrograde ejaculation. To avoid this, you will have to locate the point where you are applying pressure well, bringing it a little closer to the year.

On the other hand, it is possible that the finger block at the PC point causes some pain after the practice of the technique. If this happens, try massaging the area and performing exercises such as Kegel exercises.

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