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Masturbation Effects on Kidney - I WANT TO KNOW

Masturbation is an act in which an individual stimulates his genitals to obtain sexual pleasure, built or not to orgasm.

People masturbate for various reasons. These include pleasure, fun, and release of tension. Some masturbate alone, while others masturbate with a partner.


The myth that masturbation affects your kidneys may have originated from a concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A small 2020 study trusted Source showed that proponents of this system traditionally believed that men with poor kidney function (ShenKui) had a low sexual performance.

It was thought that your kidneys were the reservoir of semen and that frequent masturbation and ejaculation could create imbalances in your body that could lead to sickness.

However, there’s no scientific basis for this idea, and there isn’t any evidence that frequent ejaculation or masturbation causes any health concerns.

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